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DOA registration is now open!!!

February 20th - February 22th 2020


Thursday February 20th:

Rehearsal for the jam and other shenanigans

Friday February 21st:

DOA will be invading Dean Guitars HQ in Tampa, FL for a day of tours, workshops, DOA Q&A and the like. Start time TBA (During the day)

Jam details coming soon.. sign up for to play at: TBD

Saturday February 22nd:

DOA will convene at a location to be Announced soon.

More Details coming soon!

To register, at no cost, simply go to the web page. Enter your DOA Number and a few other pieces of information necessary to complete the process. There *is* a math quiz at the end, so you might want to brush up on those finger-counting skills ahead of time.

If you don't know or can't remember your DOA Number (yes….some people actually forget it), send an email to Wayne / The membership wizard can look it up, make sure you are who you say you are through a simple retina scan, and reply back with your digits.

If you are interested in partisipating in the DOA JAM... Sign up TBD

If you are under 18 years old and wish to register for the Friday event, you will need to be accompanied by a parent / legal guardian. This years Saturday night event will be 18+. If you want to attend the other events, the registration process will ask you for that additional information, and you'll need to add it. You won't have to wear an "I AM UNDER 18" t-shirt or funny hat at the event, but we do have to abide by the rules of accompaniment.


Even if you are in the Greater Tampa/Clearwater/St. Pete Metropolitan Area, you might consider staying at the hotel. For starters, it's just more fun to hang with a band of miscreants, malcontents, ne'er-do-wells and neanderthals. Additionally, it could be easier on you and your budget, should there be drinking involved (nudge nudge wink wink and Bob's your uncle). To answer the question of "has this group been known to indulge in the past?"……ummmm, yeah.

Once you've completed the Registration Process, you will get an email containing your provided details and information on booking a hotel room at our discounted rate. Check everything over for accuracy. Should it be necessary to fix something, you can edit your registration. Not that Jim doesn't LOVE to get email after email of changes to be made to the list (and you know damned good and well who you are…..), but this does again preserve that precious little remaining mental capacity of his.

Yes, the dreaded Bailure is also an automated process. There's no shame in it, as it does help us have the oh-so-important ballpark headcount.

We're working very hard to make this one of the best DOA Events ever to grace the mid-western Florida coastal region. Don't miss out on this amazing event.